Patapon 3: The most beloved PSP game series

It’s a musical role-playing game, wherein players use the four buttons of the PSP to pound out drumbeat patterns, which you use to command your warriors to attack, defend, jump, and more. The songs and the tribe’s dances and shouts of joy are very catchy; same as with the game’s 2D colorful graphics.

Patapon 3 makes some interesting changes to the game to keep things fresh. Aside from the new songs, you’re no longer an all-seeing god. You now play as an Uberhero who has the ability to revive himself in battle, unleash powerful attacks, and summon ancient spirits to aid the team. You can go and play by yourself and control your AI team to battle, but the real way to play Patapon 3 is with friends.

The game boasts of an online multiplayer mode. Here, you can now form 20-person clans, set goals for your team, decorate your hideout, and a lot more. When you’re stuck on a mission, you can go online and grab a player who’s a level higher than you, and let him join your game. That would let him get a share of your loot though, but I guess that’s his payment for helping you out.

There are also different classes or roles in which you can level up to. Switching from role to role can also be beneficial in making your Uberhero strong on all fronts. You can even have a blacksmith shop where you can level-up weapons and armor.

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