What is Entourage

“Entourage” is “Entourage,” though. I don’t even feel any animus towards it. The show had been awful for several seasons and the first two episodes of the new season aren’t awful. No wincing at all. They’re just forgettable and disposable and not very funny. They make more of an impact on their audience if it’s only a half an hour. It makes you want more and more, which it seems like it’s doing it’s job. Also, if it was an hour show it would become less funny and entertaining because of all of the commercials that they would have to run. I would rather watch a well put together comedy show that is only 30 minutes with less commercials than to watch an hour comedy show with more commercials that loses it’s comedic effect. I love to watch television shows during night and one of my favorite TV series is Entourage. I understand that there are people who like “True Blood” and also like either “Entourage” or both. I also understand that the rise of “True Blood” from cult favorite to mainstream hit definitely benefited both comedies last season. I also watch both shows still because there are fleeting moments when seems like a show I might like (though rarely full episodes) and there are also fleeting moments when “Entourage” reminds me of the show I once actively enjoyed. If your a big fan of True Blood then Watch Entourage Season 7 Episode 9 this coming Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 10:30 PM (PT/ET

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