Ang Panubli-On, The Roxas City Museum

Museum, institution dedicated to helping people understand and appreciate the natural world, the history of civilizations, and the record of humanity’s artistic, scientific, and technological achievements. Museums collect objects of scientific, aesthetic, or historical importance; care for them; and study, interpret, and exhibit them for the purposes of public education and the advancement of knowledge. There are museums in almost every major city in the world and in many smaller communities as well. Museums offer many benefits to their visitors, their communities, and society as a whole. As educational institutions, they offer unparalleled opportunities for self-directed learning and exploration by people of diverse ages, interests, backgrounds, and abilities. They are public gathering places where visitors can be entertained, inspired, and introduced to new ideas. Museums enrich local cultural life and make communities more appealing places to live and to visit. For society as a whole, museums provide valuable intangible benefits as sources of national, regional, and local identity. They have the singular capacity to reflect both continuity and change, to preserve and protect cultural and natural heritage while vividly illustrating the progression of the human imagination and the natural world.

A local museum here in Capiz helping young generations to know their past and culture and that museum is The Roxas City Museum. Located just across the City Hall, this impressive circular piece of architecture offers every visitor a comprehensive view of what Roxas City was then, what it is now and its vision for the future – a complete record those who have given their share in making Roxas City what it is today. Constructed in 1910, the museum used to be a water tank that served the local residents for more than three decades. This just some of the wonderful places to be visit here in Capiz, truly Captivating Capiz.

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