Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle or simply “Santa”, is the legendary and mythical figure who, in many cultures, brings gifts to the homes of the good children during the late evening and overnight hours of Christmas Eve, December 24. The legend may have part of its basis in hagiographical tales concerning the historical figure of gift giver Saint Nicholas. Santa lives on the North Pole, which according to history books lies within Canadian jurisdiction in postal code H0H0H0. Santa Claus’s home traditionally includes a residence and a workshop where he creates – often with the aid of magical elves or other supernatural beings, eight or nine flying reindeers – the gifts he delivers to good children at Christmas. Another legend of Santa says that he makes a list of children throughout the world, categorizing them according to their behavior (“naughty” or “nice”) and that he delivers presents, including toys, candy, and other gifts to all of the good boys and girls in the world, and sometimes coal to the naughty children, on the single night of  Christmas Eve. He accomplishes this feat with the aid of the elves that make the toys in the workshop and the reindeer that pull his sleigh. The tradition of Santa Claus entering dwellings through the chimney.

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