Weird Bathroom Habit

A bathroom is one of the important parts of the house. Others like kitchen some like computer room some like library room and some like living room but for others they love bathrooms.  What in the heck in the world that they love bathroom? Well, they say that bathroom is the best place to chill and to brainstorm. Some of my friends told me that they love to solve complex problems while sitting like a king and queen on the toilet seat, they could actually sit on there for hours with laptop or a notebook and pen on hands.  Sometimes they even brought snacks inside the bathroom.  I know this sounds weird, but that is their weird bathroom habit. Weird isn’t it? With this weird habit, they always make sure that their bathroom is always clean, orderly and well-designed.  Because they’re spending a long number of hours inside of their bathroom they always see to it that they have something beautiful to look at while staring on space and forcing ideas to squeeze out of their brainy brains. Other people beautify their bathrooms because they believed that bathrooms are the showcase of how clean and how organized your house is.  On my home creating beautiful bathroom is not for the sake of showcasing cleanliness and orderliness, on my home it is a MUST!  I always make sure that my bathroom is perfect balance of beauty and functionality.   Most of the things that I consider when upgrading and designing my bathroom are the tranquility, attractive colors that would suit my taste and comfortable facilities bring me the right energy and inspiration for my brainstorming or relaxation.  Now how about you guys! What are your weird bathroom habits? All comments are welcome here.

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