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Happy Halloween to All

Happy Halloween, annual celebration to honor the spirits of the dead, observed in Mexico and other Latin American countries on November 2, although in some regions it is observed on November 1. The Halloween also known as Day of the … Continue reading

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The Fate of Old Growth Forests. Will We Save Our Own?

For more than a year I have lived with troubling vistas of a realm that once made me serene: a realm of trees, among them the world’s biggest and tallest and almost its oldest … valleys and slopes and mountaintops … Continue reading

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The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur the one who assumes the responsibility and the risk for a business operation with the expectation of making a profit. Most of the world’s great business leaders start with a humble beginning as young entrepreneur.  An entrepreneur is basically … Continue reading

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The Tale of Genji

One day Genji, going the round with a number of romances which he had promised to lend, came to Tamakatsura’s room and found her, as usual, hardly able to lift her eyes from the book in front of her. “Really, … Continue reading

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Eating Carbohydrates can cause damage to bodies?

The body actually needs very little carbohydrate to survive. But “just surviving” is probably not your goal. Carbohydrate is the body’s preferred source of fuel. When added appropriately to the diet, the right amount of carbohydrate should make you feel … Continue reading

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The Red and the Black

M. de La Mole was out. More dead than alive, Julien went to wait for him in the library. What were his feelings when he found Mlle. de La Mole there! When she saw him come in, she assumed an … Continue reading

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Kidnapping in Sulu continues

Kidnapping, in criminal law, offense involving taking and conveying away a person against his or her will, either by force, fraud, or intimidation. Originally the word applied only to the abduction of children, but early in English law it was … Continue reading

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