My Obsession to Fruits

My Obsession to FruitsFruits are vital to humans. Worldwide, over 430 million tons of fruit are produced each year. Apple, orange, Banana, and other fruits were staple foods in early civilizations and are still a basic part of the human diet worldwide. There is something about eating fruits that is so delightful and I had been wondering about what it is but could not get it. When I was in my aunt house I feel I was hungry so I look a food to eat in the kitchen but there are no prepared foods. I go out in the house and sat under the tree and I was thinking something. I wanted to eat something it is light and refreshing. I was thinking about eating fruits. Yes, that’s it I want to eat fruits. The first came into my mind is watermelon because it’s almost a year since I never eat that fruit. But this is not yet the season for watermelon even mangoes, guava, avocado, and melon. And since whatever I think of a fruit that I would like to eat I ended up frustrated because those fruits are not available yet. So I just looked up and I saw the jackfruit tree. I climbed the tree and took out six yellow-green fruits, I sliced it and bit one and understood that it was exactly fruits I was craving to eat today. So what is it about a fruit that is so delightful? It is watery, it is sweet, it is light in the stomach, and it is refreshing. I ate all six jackfruits I picked. I could not have the full satisfaction I was hoping for. The need for a human body for fresh fruits could not be overemphasized. Doctors advise to always eat fruits, aside from vegetables. People will be healthier if we eat more fruits. Of course, almost every body wants and loves to eat fruits but could not do so in a regular basis because the price is beyond what a basic salaried employees can afford. In the same vein, addressing the health issues of the citizenry requires, among others, that my beloved Philippines create a program for each local government to have a garden (gulayan ng Barangay) where each can plant and sell farm products, like fruits, at prices affordable to the lower class people.

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