The Youth, the Politics, and the Internet

The Internet has brought new opportunities to government, business, and education. Governments use the Internet for internal communication, distribution of information, and automated tax processing. In addition to offering goods and services online to customers, businesses use the Internet to interact with other businesses. Many individuals use the Internet for shopping, paying bills, and online banking. Educational institutions use the Internet for research and to deliver courses to students at remote sites. It is said that there will be more than 30-35 million Filipinos connected to the internet in the next ten years. The explosion of Internet social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Multiply and Friendster, as well as blogs and online gaming, provide the youth an opportunity to articulate its voice on current issues affecting the nation. However, the Filipino youth today is a far cry from the fiery activism of the youth of the 70s and 80s. The youth seems detached from the problems confronting Philippine society. Indifference seems to be the dominant mood among them. This is rather unfortunate, and this national conference should craft the strategies to rekindle that fire in the youth. We have to motivate the youth to rise above the mere social networking that FaceBook, Twitter, Multiply, Friendster and other sites had originally intended. These can serve as discussion boards for issues of paramount importance to the nation. Let’s encourage the youth to articulate their ideas and give their collective voice an effective platform to reach a wide audience. In the past, political activists used placards and walls to express their beliefs. Today, they don’t even have to resort to vandalism to convey their message. With a few taps on their computer keyboards, they can communicate their beliefs and ideas to a far bigger audience than was possible before.  This is a golden opportunity that cannot be allowed to be wasted. Our nation can definitely grow stronger, and our people become politically mature, once this happens.

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