Ten Rights of Children

The ten rights were categorized into 4 major rights. The first one was survival, next is protection, and third is development, while participation is the last.

  1. Right to be born, to have a name and nationality. You must love your country where you are belonged. Do not degrade your name and family name because it is yours. Always love and take good care of your life and used it with a good purpose.
  2. Right to have a good shelter and a loving family that will care them. You must always love and respect your parents for they are the ones who gave you a life.
  3. Right to eat nutritious food to have a healthy and energetic body. You must eat clean, healthy or nutritious food. Do not waste your food because your parents were suffered to give you food everyday.
  4. Right to have enough education to develop their skills and talents. You must study hard and avoid cutting classes and any bad activity which can affect your study. Always go to school on time and always do your assignments and projects, it will also helps you learned your lessons.
  5. Right to play and have enjoyment with their friends. You must take good care your toys by putting it to the assigned place after you played with it. Do not destroy and waste it.
  6. Right to be protected against child abuse and other child’s crimes. You must be a country’s good follower. Always go home early so that you can avoid harmful and dangerous happenings.
  7. Right to live in a peaceful and child-friendly community. You must participate in your community’s activities which can help to maintain the peacefulness of the community.
  8. Right to be protected and helped by government. You must always follow the rules and regulations of the government you belonged. Be a good follower and problem solver.
  9. Right to express their own views, opinions, thoughts and ideas. You must always be responsible in what you are saying. Always give a positive thoughts and opinions which can help in building a productive community.
  10. Right to participate in youthful activities and progressive meetings. You must use your skills and talents in a good way and for the good way. You must use your skills and talents in helping your community or country to become a child-friendly town or country.

All children around this big planet have rights or freedom. No matter who they are, where they live, and where they came from. They all have the rights to be born, to survive, and to participate, so that they can express their own views and opinions about one big issue which is affecting their feelings and interests.

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