Certified NC-II Computer Hardware Servicing Technician

Almost two months of waiting for our National Certification (NC-II) for Computer Hardware Servicing NC-II (CHS-NC-II) exam finally it’s over. Last June 30, 2009 eight college graduate students from AMA Computer Learning Center made history by taking up an exam for Computer Hardware and Servicing in NC-II. We are the first batch of computer technician students who graduated in our school to pass the Computer Hardware and Servicing in NC-II. This NC-II exam was given by Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA) to all graduated college students taking up computer technician course from different schools. Last Monday, June 29, 2009 we are preparing and practicing computer troubleshooting, assembly and disassembly, software installation, and network configuration just to recall and refresh my mind. Almost two months without practice since after I graduated last April 24. We are practicing hard to be able to pass this NC-II examination to make us certified as Computer Technician. In my own point of view, you may not call your self certified computer technician if you don’t have an NC-II certificate. This NC-II is just like a board exams (Bar exam, Nursing Exam, Teachers board exam, etc.) for us. If passed this NC-II exam we are a licensed and certified professional computer technician. The NC-II exam has two parts. First is Observation/Demo, were you’re going to perform PC assembly and disassembly, software installation, and network configuration. Last part is Oral/Interview (Question and Answer) portion were the assessor (the one who conduct the exam) will going to give some questions and you must answer it correctly. The questions were difficult, I just remained calm and presence of mind and with God’s help I managed to answer it all correctly. When the Oral/Interview is over the assessor rate me COMPETENT (means Passed) I was really happy because all my hard work and sacrifices since when I was still studying and after I graduate paid off. I’m happy because I know that I really deserved this NC-II, this is one of the great achievements happen in my life. To those graduating students who want to took an NC-II exam after you graduate, you have to start practicing PC troubleshooting, OS installation, and network configuration to be able you to pass the NC-II exam. Even after graduations just continue practicing because learning doesn’t stop there it is never ending learning. If you passed this NC-II exam you can find job easily and work abroad because you have an NC-II certification. And for me, NC-II certificate is another piece of information that I’m going to add it on my resume. So that when I apply to different companies they will saw on my resume that I am a certified NC-II computer technician.

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  1. jasmine says:

    pwede po bang magtanong about the exam?

  2. Felipe V. Fajardo says:

    18 Las Pinas Penaranda
    Nueva Ecija
    October 17, 2008

    Dear sir/ madam

    Dear sir/ madam

    GOOD DAY… I’ve noticed that you are I need sale costumer in your store. I’m 19 year old my previous work I had a good training as sale representative and I think I can apply satisfactory in my line of work. I learned how to deal with the customer I also learned the quality of a good customer service provider…then I Passt Nc II Examination From TEZDA..!!!!Im 23 yrs old..I graduate from First Asian International System College…So far I training to Villman Computer Systrm INC….I want to develoved my skill..knowledge.!Thak you…

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