Your New World of Tomorrow

The Age of Atomic Power

Even more sensational is the new age of atomic power, ushered in when the first tremendous atomic bomb exploded over Japan. The awful power of the atom bomb is the same almost inconceivable power that keeps the universe running, the same energy that has kept the sun and all the other stars burning and shining with terrific heat for millions of years. This fast “chain reaction” explodes many atoms at almost the same time, releasing terrific explosive power. In the world of the future the energy of atoms may be harnessed, replacing, at least to some extent, the use of coal, oil, or water power. A few tons of uranium could do the work of thousands of tons of coal or oil in operating big industrial plants, light and power systems, or battleships and ocean liners.

 New Marvels of Radio

There is no part of the earth where radio cannot now reach. When this global war is ended, the great international short-wave stations—more powerful than ever before—will broadcast sound and radio facsimile pictures of the current events, customs, ambitions, habits, and thoughts of people of all nations for the entire world to hear and see. Radio will make safer all forms of global travel by sea, air, and land.

Quick Trips to Far Places

These are just samples of the things to come. It will take time for all of them to come true, but think what they will mean in terms of opening up the world’s remote corners, annihilating time and space, getting alien peoples acquainted, putting new life in that overworked phrase, “international understanding.” Places you’ve always wanted to visit, which formerly seemed too far away, now will be easy to reach. Likewise the world’s plague spots and trouble centers, once remote and easy to ignore, now will be “just across the street” by air. Perhaps, as a result, their problems will be sooner solved.

 Electronic Age Is Here

All the modern wonders of aviation, television, radio, and many other fields are made possible largely by the new, fast-developing science of electronics. Scientists say we are entering now upon the “electronic age.” You’ll be hearing a lot about electronics. It is a potent force in remaking our world. Already it is opening up all kinds of new jobs, products, gadgets, industries. Your boy may want to become an electronics engineer, repairman, or salesman when he grows up or returns from war.

Better Health and Medicine

Penicillin, developed under war pressure, and the sulfa drugs help arrest infections. New vaccines are able to immunize against tetanus (lockjaw), influenza, scrub typhus, measles, and meningitis. There is hope, some doctors think, that we may eventually eliminate from the earth both typhus and bubonic plague, the latter the Black Death scourge of the Middle Ages. Sterilizing lamps, whose rays kill germs in the air, may be installed in hotel lobbies, railroad stations, auditoriums, and other places where people congregate, to reduce transmission of colds and other infections.

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