My Junk, Your Treasure

A few tips on turning a profit out of your spring cleaning

Lay the Ground – Distribute flyers showing the details of the garage sale a whole month before the intended date of the sale. Leave flyers under the windshields of cars parked within your neighborhood.

Hot Season – Though anytime of the year can yield a successful garage sale, it’s always best to milk the fact that summer and Christmas are the times when people have the most purchasing power. Students still likely get some form of allowance, or they take summer jobs, without spending it on school; and employees always have that delightfully anticipated 13th month.

Duration – Devote more than a weekend for it. Start from Thursday and end on Sunday. Usually people spend the first two days just browsing. If you can only man the stalls on weekends, then hold the garage sale for two or three consecutive weekends, starting early Friday evening to Sunday.

Making like New – Make sure the stuff you sell are relatively clean. This will also give you leverage to charge higher because your junk doesn’t look like junk. Dust-and mold-encrusted items, even at a 95 percent mark-down are hard to market. You don’t have to take great pains polishing and removing stains, just wipe off items and do a simple soapy rinse-and-dry on clothes.

Organizing – You will want to lay out your goods on at least three (or more, depending on how much you have to sell) long tables arranged in such a way that there are aisles between them, so that the shoppers can browse comfortably. Hang clothing from hangers on a clothes rack; smaller apparel like shirts and short, you can fold and stack neatly on one end of the table. Group items into categories as much as you can. Arrange your stuff as you would in a department store.

Pricing and Labeling – When setting prices, try to consider how much YOU would pay and start from there. Also consider the wear and tear of the item. You can either mark each item with a masking tape and marker, or you can put colored stickers or tape on items and have a color-coded price chart on the wall.

A little extra – More time spent in your garage or yard sale means more possibilities of a purchase. A few perks that will make your shoppers more comfortable while browsing are stuff like big plastic grocery bags to put their purchases in. On the last day, you can also make bargain special like “Everything you can stuff in a grocery bag for 150 pesos!” to get as much items as possible off the table. No use of holding on to them at a better price, these are things you were ready to hand over to the dumpsters anyway, remember?

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