What is the best Console Game Machine?

Console Game Machine

Console Game Machine

My first question is, “What’s the best Console Game Machine?” you may ask. PS3? Xbox? GameCube? We know there’s just so much information when all you want is to get your paws on the nifty looking controllers and start playing. That’s why I come up with this idea to help you choose wisely.

The PlayStation

It’s the world’s most popular and best selling game system. Can 40 million gamers around the world be wrong? It is the most popular game machine almost needs no introduction. As of latest count, there are 500 plus titles for the PlayStation. The PlayStation has the most number of games made exclusively for it. The PlayStation is online capable and supports several cutting-edge accessories like a headset and hard drive. It plays DVDs out of the box and has the most ardent third party support. And also, you will notice an improvement in the picture quality of the games, it really improves a lot.

The Xbox

Microsoft joins the console war and they’ve said it comes in second place. Find out what the number two machine is all about. The biggest and the most powerful of the current batch of consoles, Microsoft’s Xbox is the second most popular game machine. Essentially a PC in the body of a console, the Xbox boasts of a Pentium processor, an NVIDIA graphics chip, a DVD drive, and a hard drive for storing game data, save games and music. It is one hefty piece of hardware, weighing in as much as a VHS player. It can pipe out 5.1 digital audio. All out support from the world’s biggest software company and Microsoft has pulled all of its muscle in churning out support for its console.

 The GameCube

Nintendo’s ‘games only’ machine is very very good at what it does. Only if the kids will let you play with it. The smallest and cutest console from Nintendo of Japan, the GameCube’s dimunitive cube shape provides sweet gaming power. Developed in conjunction with IBM and ATI, Nintendo’s game machine has shed its ‘just for kids’ image by releasing graphically disturbing games like Resident Evil and Eternal Darkness. The games come in mini disc format and requires a memory card to save games. You can choose from four GameCube colors such as indigo, orange-yellow, black and silver. There are several accessories available locally such as Wavebird wireless controller. An interesting add-on is the Game Boy player which docks at the bottom of the machine.

Now, you choose what the best console game machine is! PlayStation? Xbox? Or GameCube?

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