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Nothing is Free

God says,”Take what you want and pay for it!” when I first heard this term proverb from Spain it frightened me. I used to dream of an Angel with a flaming sword. But as I thought more about it, I … Continue reading

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The Pinoy Cyber Athlete

In any competitive environment, losing is always a crushing experience. In the world of professional video game tournament where the worse injury you could possibly incur are sore carpal tunnels and eyestrain, no other blow could be more concrete than … Continue reading

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Star Trek: The Movie

This intergalactic adventure centers around the meeting of two wet-behind-the-ears Starfleet recruits: half-Vulcan Spock and all-American rebel James T. Kirk. Thrown together on a perilous mission, they must settle their differences to defeat a nefarious time-travelling Romulan. Amid explosions, fistfights, … Continue reading

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Inventing the Future

What a difference 1,000 years have made! In AD 1000 the world was a very different place. Most people spent their entire lives within a few miles of their birthplace. Communication was limited to a small circle of villagers and … Continue reading

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